Please meet our 6-year-old Vahram from Shirak region.
Our bright boy’s hobby is playing with cars and lego-type sets. He also enjoys following the adventures of Masha and the bear, the dogs of “PAW Patrol”, as well as the wolf and the rabbit of “Well, Just You Wait! (Russian: Ну, погоди!). To the delight of his mother, Vahram is not addicted to electronic gadgets, but sometimes he likes to play with Tommy the Cat on the tablet.
Our Vahram is very happy when his grandmother reads fairy tales to him before going to bed, especially the fairy tale about “Nunig” (we found out that Nunig is the Armenian version of the main heroine of the fairy tale “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”:))
At the beginning, Vahram was very upset when his hair started falling out as a result of chemotherapy, and to encourage him, his brothers also shaved their heads (the sisters made the same offer, but Vahram asked them not to). Vahram has been in the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center for two months and misses his sisters so much․․․
Our sweet boy has a very philosophical attitude to everything he’s going through and tries to focus on the positive. Thus, he is sure that this is a temporary difficulty, and he considers meeting good people and Robin the Robot to be the greatest achievement of this period. He also behaves very bravely during all medical interventions, and due to that Dr. Lusine Krmoyan promised to award him a certificate of courage at the end of the treatment (and so do we).
Vahram has decided to become a policeman and dreams of having a police uniform and a car with police attributes, in which he will be able to sit and drive.


P. S. The superheroes who visited the Hematology Center also made the dreams of our Vahram and David, two most real superheroes, come true. They are already going on long car rides on their new cars during treatment breaks.
We are profoundly grateful to Mariana Vartanian, Garik Sargsyan and Sarkis Kazanjian for fulfilling the wishes of our strong boys and bringing them lots of smiles!

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