Our today’s hero is 13-year-old Zohrab from Armavir.
Our kind boy attends school with great pleasure, where his favorite subjects are Armenian and Yezidi. Since family members communicate in both languages ​​at home, Zohrab knows both very well.
After school, he hurries home to play football, hide-and-seek and other yard games with his friends. He also loves to play with his sister and brother, mostly board games.
Zohrab’s family has different domestic animals: chickens, cows, bulls, but Zohrab loves their donkey the most and wants to have a horse in the near future.
Our determined boy has decided to become a policeman like his grandfather and ensure everyone’s safety.
Zohrab’s heart is in the mountains, and he is looking forward to returning home and resuming his walks in the mountains.
Also for that purpose, our Zohrab dreams of having a bicycle.


P. S. One of friends of City of Smile ChF, who again wished to remain anonymous, fulfilled the wish of our another beneficiary: our Zohrab already has a bicycle. We are very grateful to our dear friend for being there for us and our kids. We look forward to seeing our kind Zohrab finish his treatment, return home, and take a bike ride in his beloved mountains

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