International Childhood Cancer Day

Օn February 15, International Childhood Cancer day “City of Smile” Foundation together with Young Armenian Hematology Association organized a fun and interesting day for children who have cancer. “City of Smile” Foundation organized and presented a beautiful photoshoot of children who are currently fighting cancer and those who have already won the battle.

Childhood cancer day

At the Hematological Center children were entertained by their favorite cartoon heroes and many more surprises were prepared for them. At the same time Young AHA presented the premiere of the music video “Miasin”. Both children who have been cured and those who are still in process together with “Arevner” musical ensemble participated in the creation of that video. The idea of creating such a video was taken from American Child Cancer Organization (ACCO) official web site. In the frames of ACCO Child4Child activity it is encouraged to make a cover version of the original “Together” song in other languages.

On this same day, the CEO of the “City of Smile” foundation Esther Demirtshyan was hosted by the Armenia Public Television to give an interview about the pediatric cancer. During the conversation, she discussed issues of pediatric cancer in Armenia. She also talked about both current and planned activities and projects of the foundation.

Join us and give a chance to a child to beat the cancer. Learn about our foundation programs and change someone’s life.

Remember, a small help may save a big life.

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